A different kind of urban land-based livelihood

Planting the seeds for an ecosystem of care

At the Land Care Collective, we believe that there are a lot of people in urban spaces who would love some help with cultivating a healthy, healing relationship with the land around their home. 

These are some of the people and businesses currently offering Land Care Services and related plants and materials in the Ottawa area.  

Service Providers

education, native plants

A Cultivated Art Inc. 

Offering season-long, hands-on courses to learn about, practice and explore ecosystem centered approached to gardening and land care.   
Also offering a wide selection of locally grown, Ontario native plant seedlings each year in May and June.  
gardening, soil inoculant

Amano Gardens

Garden creation and care services completed without power tools, to minimize ecological footprint. Also assists with the creation and care of food gardens and landscapes. Amano is a not-for-profit corporation that works to remove barriers to employment for people from a variety of backgrounds.  
Also the local distributor of Tera Biosa
biological inoculant for soils.
horticultural therapy

Andrea; Horticultural Therapy Practitioner

  Andrea is currently working with Root in Nature to offer activities that help to cultivate care centered land and plant relationships to heal humans and ecosystems at the same time.  

Ecoasis Landscape Restoration

A landscaping company specializing in ecologically functioning gardens and holistically managed landscapes. Our mission is to create interactive, natural areas for our clients while increasing habitat and biodiversity for local wildlife populations.  
design, gardening, education

The Fine Gardener

Offering garden design and installation, consultations and coaching, along with talks and workshops. Service area includes Ottawa and the surrounding area for consultations, coaching and design work and the west end of Ottawa for garden work and installations. Contact Lana by email or find here on Facebook or Instagram 
gardening, design, landscaping

Fiori Artscape

Providing holistic lawn care, maintenance and restorative design services that center creating spaces that are of high resource value to local birds and pollinators which will, in turn, provide ecological value. Our design services combat waste by limiting hardscaping and reusing resources.  Committed to being part of the change in the industry, with our goal being to invite nature back into each garden we have the pleasure of working with by developing opportunities for nesting and feeding for all creatures
gardening, landscaping, plants

Local Gardening Services  

Providing expert horticultural services to the Ottawa area. Now also offering a range of locally grown, Ontario native plant species and providing ecological garden making services and native plant community design and maintenance services.  
design and planting


Offering design, consulting and creation services for gardens, meadows and other areas that benefit birds and pollinators using native, locally-sourced eastern Ontario trees, shrubs and perennials. Whether it's advice on which plant species you can use in your own garden, a small pollinator patch creation or an entire lawn to native plant garden conversion, they will work for you to help enhance or create a haven for biodiversity on your property.  

Rewild Landscapes

Offering garden and landscape design with a conservation mindset. Focusing on native plants and food sources for clients and for the ecosystem around your home.   

Plants and Materials


The Box of Life 

Offering locally made vermicomposting kits and supplies.  
design and planting

Gaia Organic Seeds

Offering locally grown, organic vegetable seeds and, starting this year, a range of Ontario native seeds and plants  

Ottawa Wildflower Seed Library

This volunteer led seed library has made incredible advancements in the local availability of native plant seed, which are all gathered, cleaned, packed and distributed for free by volunteers.